• All my life I’ve been considered morbidly obese and I blamed my weight loss failures on bad genes. I finally came to the conclusion that surgery was my only option. Thanks to Doug

  • I knew summer was just around the corner, and I wanted to feel good about wearing my bikini in public. I joined Collective Fitness group personal training program and lost 20 pound

  •  Yes, I was that 140 lbs. soaking wet skinny kid in high school, that people assume would need to jump around the shower to get any water at all, and who would rely on the crease i

  • I have worked out my whole life being an athlete.  Never have I seen results so quickly until I met Doug.  I have only been in the class for a little over 4 weeks and I see results

  • I am not only a trainer, I am also a client. I have always known that dieting was the key behind any effective HEALTH program but within my everlasting search have never pinpointed

  • I joined Collective Fitness group personal training program at the end of May and it entered my life at a great time. I had started my program of watching my calorie intake and joi